Reminder – Watch Children Around Water

The temperatures are heating up and summer is coming soon, and this means that more people will be relaxing in the pool. Sadly, this also means that accidental drowning season is right around the corner. First responders and city and state resources are trying to warn parents to “Watch Your Kids Around Water.”

Officials are adamant about the message because drowning is one of the leading causes of death in the state for children under four.

Drownings usually happen in pools, but other sources — like canals, buckets, toilets, bathtubs and ponds — can also be dangerous.

Prevent Drownings

One of the best ways to prevent drownings is also the most simple: pay attention to your children. Put your cell phone, tablet, or book down and make sure you can locate your kid at all times. When around a water source, insure that your child is always with an adult

Other ways to prevent accidental drownings are:

  • Use barriers to enclose pools
  • Have life-saving devices easily accessible
  • Don’t let kids play in the pool area
  • Keep ladders, tables, and chairs away from pool barriers
  • Empty all buckets, kiddie pools, and tubs when you’re done using them
  • Close toilet lids and restroom doors

Emergency Measures

If an emergency occurs, it’s vital to have a plan and act fast. Basic water skills and a knowledge of CPR are valuable in these moments.

Here are some steps to remember if you find yourself faced with a water emergency:

  • Call for help and remove the person from the water
  • Call 9-1-1 and remain on the line to listen to instructions
  • Begin CPR
  • If you don’t know CPR, follow the operator ‘s instructions until help comes

Pool Safety Tips

Teaching your child to swim is one of the best ways to keep them safe. Swimming lessons teach more than the act of swimming. They also teach kids how to be safe around water.

Swimming lesson can be taken at private swim schools, city pools, or community centers. Here are some tips that can keep your child safe in the pool:

  • Learn to swim
  • Always swim with someone else
  • Don’t swim under the influence
  • Never swim when there’s lightning or thunder
  • Don’t dive into unfamiliar bodies of water
  • Learn CPR

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable summer activities, and you can enjoy it a lot more if you’re aware of the dangers and work to prevent them.