Proposed Arizona Bill That Would Require Students To Learn Gun Safety

Lawmakers at the Arizona state capitol have proposed a bill that would make it mandatory for Arizona students to learn gun safety in school.

The focus of House Bill 2332 is about gun safety, not how to use a gun.

The proposed bill would require Arizona students between sixth grade and senior year of high school to learn about gun safety at least one time. The bill would allow parents the opportunity to opt out.

The proposed bill is a reintroduction from Rep. Quang Nguyen’s bill that failed last year Rep. Selina Bliss of Prescott sponsors the bill and details that the bill would require students to take a 30 minute to 1-hour session taught by a preapproved, well-established organization. Each school district will make the decision as to when the course is to be taken.

The idea behind the bill would be for students to learn the importance of gun safety in a controlled, safe place, not through social media or video gaming.

During the class, students would us ‘prop guns,’ made of rubber to for example simulate what would someone do if while at a neighbor’s house they discover a gun.

This bill will be sent to the Senate. If the Senate passes this bill, then it will move to the governor’s desk to make it official.