Photo: Navajo County Sheriff Office

Police Make Arrest After Fake Drugs Found During Winslow Traffic Stop

A Navajo County Sheriff’s deputy arrested two people after he encountered what appeared to be a large load of drugs being transported in a vehicle traveling on Interstate 40 in Winslow last week.

On Friday, the deputy discovered the driver and his passenger had in their car a cooler full of a white powdery substance that appeared to be 33 pounds of cocaine, packaged and ready to be sold.

Upon further investigation, the packaged substance wasn’t cocaine, but actually baking soda, which deputies reported was wrapped to look like cocaine.

Deputies arrested California residents 19-year-old Edward Yunik Hernandez-Meza and 18-year-old Yamileth Francisca Lucero Pardo. Police reports state the pair were transporting the fake packaged drugs to a person in Winslow. Both were Hernandez-Meza and Pardo were booked into Navajo County Jail for the manufacture and distribution of imitation controlled substances.

They are both being held on a $1,220,000 cash-only bond.