Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego Announces Plans For New Airport Terminal At Sky Harbor

In her annual State of the City address on Tuesday, Mayor Kate Gallego honored Phoenix as a city of the future. She highlighted the growth of advanced manufacturing and medical industries, and reiterated her dedication to promoting responsible water usage and affordable housing.

Addressing the audience of prominent legislators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, the mayor praised the upcoming developments in Phoenix, including a state-of-the-art airport terminal. The innovative terminal will boast of being environmentally friendly with “zero greenhouse gas emissions” and will also have a new Customs facility to facilitate the entry of tourists from all corners of the globe.

According to Gallego, Phoenix plays a significant part in the worldwide economy. She noted the rise in international flights at Sky Harbor International Airport, the heightened investment from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, the relocation or expansion of 25 more semiconductor companies in Phoenix, and the establishment of a new trade office by the Dutch government.

Addressed in her speech, the economic impact of the Phoenix airport system has reached $44 billion as of today, which is a rise of approximately 15% from 2016.

During her address, Gallego encouraged other cities to follow Phoenix’s lead in addressing issues like homelessness and affordable housing. She urged them to take action and “step up” in these areas.

No additional details were provided by the Mayor on the details of the new Sky Harbor Airport terminal.