Phoenix Assists Residents In Blocking Alleys With Neighborhood Gates

With help from the city, some Phoenix residents in the neighborhoods of Royal Palm and Sunnyslope put up gates to block off alleys using their own money. 

“We feel like the alleys are just a thoroughfare for criminals to enter through the backs of people’s houses,” said Hillary Rusk of Sunnyslope. “There are people illegally dumping in the alleys.” 

Rusk, along with others, collected $2,500 of their own money for each gate.

Due to the gates controlling the rights of way, Planning and Development team leader Eric Buskirk said requirements are set in place by Phoenix.

“As far as the locking mechanism that goes on them, so that access to the utility companies, the fire department, other city staff and residents can get in,” he said.

Additionally, residents are able to keep the keys of the gates, but the alley gates must be transparent.

The neighborhood effort to add alley gates started approximately two years ago after a man exposed himself to two girls.

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