NASA Warns: Avoid Pointing Cellphones Directly At the Sun When Capturing Eclipse Photos

NASA has issued a warning against aiming cellphones directly at the sun while capturing pictures of an eclipse. The space agency advises against doing so to avoid potential harm.

According to NASA, if you intend to capture images of the upcoming solar eclipse on Monday, it is important to keep in mind that pointing your cellphone directly at the sun could have potential repercussions.

NASA is warning that the phone sensor can be harmed if it is aimed directly at the sun. This is particularly true if the phone has a magnifying lens attachment.

What is the process for capturing photos of the eclipse?

NASA has provided us with some helpful advice.

According to the space agency, it is possible to safeguard your phone with a suitable solar filter, similar to how you would protect any other camera.

NASA is advising to use a pair of eclipse glasses to cover the lenses of your phone while taking photos of the sun, except during totality. This is considered the most effective method.

According to NASA, it is safe to remove the filter and observe the sun during the totality phase of the eclipse, when the moon fully blocks the sun.