Sun Devil Stadium To Introduce No Re-Entry Policy This Fall

A new policy at the home of Arizona State University football will be rolled out before the season starts this fall at Sun Devil Stadium.

The adjustment will be a new no re-entry policy that will prohibit fans from being granted re-entry after they exit the facility.

Fans won’t have to wait long to experience the change first-hand, with the Sun Devils to host UTSA at Sun Devil Stadium on Saturday, September 1.

In previous years, fans would exit the facility and return to tailgating festivities as they wished, with the ability to walk back through the stadium gates as they pleased, but that will no longer be the case. 

Arizona State Athletic Director Ray Anderson said the policy is a result of a recent multimillion dollar renovation project and the main concern for the athletic department is the safety of the fans.

Unfortunately for Anderson, not all fans are agreeing with the reasoning for the no re-entry policy. Some season ticket holders feel that the sole purpose for the change is for added revenue. Additional fans are upset as a result of not being informed of the policy change before tickets were available for purchase earlier in the year.

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