Casey Thornton and Davonte Williams

Mesa Smoke Shop Owner and Employee Arrested For Selling Fentanyl Pills Supplied By Mexican Cartel

The owner and an employee of a Mesa smoke shop have been arrested for selling counterfeit Oxycodone pills that were supplied by a Mexican cartel.

In April, Mesa Police Department’s narcotics crime unit were informed that two people at the Green Trail Smoke Shop, located near University Drive and Alma School Road were selling M30 fentanyl pills. Police said the pills are not regulated and are found to contain larger amounts of fentanyl, which are potent and can cause death to individuals consuming them.

Store owner Casey Thornton and his employee Davonte Williams were arrested in mid-October. Thornton reportedly told police that obtained the pills from a Mexican cartel and had been selling them for seven months.

Williams worked at the shop and reportedly admitted he had sold fentanyl twice.

The case is under review with the Attorney General’s office.