Malaysian Airliner Search Ends Without Resolution

The search for Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 has officially ended after four years of various unresolved investigations.  The flight’s disappearance is considered one of the most tragic aviation mysteries.

Australians were leading the search up until they suspended their 120,000 square kilometer hunt in January.  The search then transitioned into the hands of an American firm, Ocean Infinity.  The company stood to make $70 million if they found the elusive aircraft but will not receive any compensation as they did not find MH370.

Ocean Infinity’s CEO announced the closure of their investigation but thanked the Malaysian government for prioritizing the search for the plane.  Malaysia’s Prime Minister has Mahathir Mohamad has been under fire for the expensive contract and poor public finances.

Family members of those lost on the flight hope the government will keep its current deal of ‘payment only if found’ on the table for any other firm looking to start up the investigation once again.

It is still unknown what caused the unfortunate crash, and many theories abound as to what exactly happened when the plane went down.  With the investigation coming to a close for now, it is unlikely that the families or the general public will receive closure on the fate of MH370.