Is Rodney Glassman Hiding His Liberal, Pro-Choice Credentials?

Is the wolf in the Republican henhouse?  
It appears a candidate in the Republican Primary is trying to hide from his self described liberal and progressive past.  That candidate is none other that Rodney Glassman. 
In 2010, Rodney Glassman ran for the U.S. Senate in Arizona as a Democrat. Now, he is competing in the conservative Republican Primary for the Arizona Corporation Commission. However, his pro-choice, ultra liberal positions will most likely come back to haunt him. Watch the video below to see Rodney Glassman proudly talk about being endorsed by labor unions and Planned Parenthood. Rodney Glassman also speaks of working for four years for liberal Democrat Congressman Raul Grijalva. 
Time will tell if the conservative Republican base approve and forgives of Rodney Glassman’s move from liberal to conservative or if they reject it as an attempt to fool the voters just to get elected.

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