Four Individuals Charged With Stealing Over $14,000 From Ulta Beauty Stores in Phoenix Area

Authorities have apprehended four individuals for reportedly looting beauty and makeup stores throughout the Valley, resulting in the theft of large sums of money in merchandise.

Phoenix authorities released a footage on Tuesday revealing the purported culprits utilizing a stroller for infants to pilfer goods from several Ulta Beauty outlets. The surveillance footage captures the suspects browsing the stores while carrying shopping baskets, transferring items from the basket into a bag, and then stowing the bag in the stroller.

All suspects involved in the theft in Phoenix have been arrested by the police. They have also confessed to selling the stolen items. However, the identities of the suspects have not been disclosed, and the authorities have not provided any information regarding the dates and locations of the reported thefts.

Arizona businesses continue to face a continuous and expensive challenge of organized retail theft. According to the National Retail Federation, the theft in 2022 resulted in a loss of approximately $1.5 billion for retailers in Arizona. In November, two women from California were charged with stealing about $24,000 from stores in the Valley, while on January 9, a man was apprehended for shoplifting from the same Target store 16 times within a period of less than a year.

A bill was proposed by House Speaker Ben Toma, Maricopa County Attorney Rachel Mitchell, and the Arizona Retail Association, on Tuesday to increase the prison sentences of those convicted of retail theft. Last year the county attorney’s office formed a task force to document recent incidents, identify red flags, and provide avenues for reporting organized retail crimes in the Valley.