Flixbus Offers New Cheap Bus Travel Around Arizona to California

Arizonans looking to beat the heat and head to the beach just got a cheaper alternative to driving as Flixbus enters the Arizona market.  Flixbus is a European company offering its first American bus routes in Arizona, Nevada and California.

Phoenix residents can now travel to San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and Las Vegas through Flixbus’s new daily routes.

Travel can be booked on the Flixbus app.  As part of the May 31 launch $1 tickets will be available to Las Vegas.  Typically, fares will range from $10-$15 each way to southern California cities.

Another European company Megabus was also offering $1 tickets to Las Vegas earlier this month, signaling a competitive Arizona market that consumers can take advantage of.  Currently, Greyhound’s offerings are more expensive and may need to come down in price to compete with their new European counterparts.

Stops are also available for those in Kingman, Flagstaff, Tucson, and Wickenburg looking to score cheap fares to vacation destinations.