Ex-Chandler Unified Coach Indicted For Sexual Assault on Student After DNA Confirmed Match

Nathan David Lauritzen

In Chandler, Arizona, a former assistant football coach at Perry High School has been charged with sexual assault of a student.

The sexual assault charges against a coach from Perry High School were filed earlier this year following an incident that took place during a New Year’s Eve event.

Nathan Lauritzen, 45, was charged in March with sexual assault when a 16-year-old girl reported being assaulted at his residence during a New Year’s Eve celebration.

According to records, the Chandler police initiated an investigation and acquired DNA evidence from the victim. Police stated that the outcome, which was received in mid-March, was a match for Lauritzen

On March 22, Lauritzen, who was employed by the district on a temporary basis, surrendered himself and entered a plea of not guilty. According to records, he was released on a $40,000 bond.

According to public records, in February 2024, CUSD informed the Arizona Board of Education of the accusations against Lauritzen.

The education board accepted Lauritzen’s decision to voluntarily surrender his right to work in an Arizona school on Monday.