Photo Credit: Pueblo Police Department

Discovery of Child’s Remains in Container Reveals Possible Arizona Connection in Missing Siblings Case

An unusual and heartbreaking situation is emerging from Colorado that may have connections to Arizona, a child’s body was found inside a metal container in Colorado.

In Pueblo, Colorado, authorities discovered the lifeless body of a child inside a metal container. Upon their inquiry, it was revealed that two other children were unaccounted for, leading detectives to suspect that they may be located in the Phoenix area.

In Pueblo, Colorado, on January 20th, the police received a report from a storage facility regarding a strange

Yesenia Dominguez

discovery in one of their units. According to Sergeant Franklyn Ortega of the Pueblo Police, the container in question was made of metal and contained cement, which raised suspicion. Upon inspecting the container, the authorities discovered the remains of a child inside.

After making a shocking discovery, further disturbing information came to light. According to Ortega, during the investigation into the death, it was revealed that two children, Jesus and Yesenia Dominguez, have been missing since the summer of 2018. It is believed that Jesus was five years old and Yesenia was three at the time of their disappearance, meaning they would be nine and ten years old now.

According to Sgt. Ortega, the identity of the body found in the container is still unknown. It could be Yesenia or

Jesus, or even a different child. Surprisingly, there were no missing persons reports filed for the two siblings. Sgt. Ortega also mentioned that this particular case has several complexities, making it different from others.

Jesus Dominguez

Unexpectedly, Phoenix became relevant to the situation. According to Ortega, it is suspected that Jesus and Yesenia’s parents are in Colorado, but as part of the investigation, information indicated that the children may be in Arizona. Police are hoping to find information on their whereabouts in Phoenix or the surrounding area.

According to him, the brothers and sisters may currently be in Phoenix or have spent the past six years there. They are hopeful that someone in Arizona might be able to identify them.

Given the numerous unresolved issues and questions surrounding the deceased and disappeared minors, this is not a situation that can be easily compartmentalized. The officers involved in this case are facing a difficult situation to determine answers without a lot of information.

Currently two individuals are being investigated, however there are no identified suspects or arrests made as of now. Officials are now relying on the communities in Colorado and Arizona to possibly provide crucial information to fill in the missing details. Any leads or tips from the residents in Arizona or Phoenix would greatly assist our investigation.

The most important information that they are hoping to learn is the identification of the child’s remains inside the metal container by the coroner. This will reveal whether the child is Jesus or Yesenia or if it is a different child, and if so, what their relationship is to the two missing children.

If you have any details about the children that could assist in the investigation, please contact Detective Nicholas Lile at (719) 601-7751 or the police dispatch line at (719) 553-2502. To maintain anonymity, you can also reach out to Pueblo Crime Stoppers at 719-542-7867.