Crowdfunded NYC Cafe Wants to Print Your Face on Literally Everything

Put your face on a cup of joe – that is the idea behind a startup that wants to serve beverages to their customers with a picture of themselves on it.  A new company with the moniker Selffee has launched a crowd funding campaign so that they can open a storefront which will sell coffee and other treats printed with the customer’s photo.  Is the selfie generation really going to buy into this idea?

Customers at Selffee would take a photo using an app and then the image could be printed onto cupcakes and other edibles using “FDA certified edible inks” in a matter of minutes.  The goal is to open a storefront in New York City in 2017 and then expand globally.

Marketing has become geared to millennials who have been at the forefront of selfie taking.  Cinnamon Toast Crunch released limited-edition “selfie spoons” in 2015 so that selfie lovers could enjoy and share all of their special foodie moments.  Just last month, Coca Cola showed the world a new bottle that was designed to automatically take selfies.  And fear not, if you want to eat selfie food in the comfort of your home, you can now order selfie toasters online.

Now instead of giving personalized mugs for gifts, you can personalize your own mug with a selfie.  Or I suppose give a selfie mug to that special someone you want to spoil.  To this point, Selffee has reached 36% of its funding goal.

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