County Attorneys Ask Hobbs to Rescind Executive Order

Twelve elected county attorneys have asked Governor Katie Hobbs to rescind her Executive Order that attempts to strip their ability to review cases as duly-elected local officials.

Executive Order 2023-11 sets a “dangerous precedent,” by interfering with the discretion of prosecutors. The letter reads, in part:

“Executive Order 2023-11… suggests that any Arizona governor can order the attorney general to assume all duties related to an entire category of criminal prosecution and, by consequence, prohibit local prosecutors from acting. “

“This executive order results in an exercise of authority not vested in the governor’s office. It is a substantial overreach to suggest the governor may strip away prosecutorial discretion from local, elected officials.”

The letter asks the governor to rescind Section 1 and portions of Section 2 of the executive order before July 7, 2023. Read the letter here. 

No additional information on Governor Hobbs’ response was available.