Costco Stops Their Online Photo Center

With technology moving away from film and photo prints being replaced by storing images on our phones, computers and the cloud, Costco has eliminated a service that many members have depended on.

Costco’s across the country have been making moves to close their photo centers in their warehouses, but until now have kept their online photo services, including storage service. Costco is no longer offering that service to members and have handed over their clientele to Shutterfly.

Costco customers will still have access to special member discounted pricing for photo products. Costco members will receive a 51% off all Shutterfly orders and also free shipping on orders over $49. To receive the discount members will need to opt in by going to and click on “photo.” Costco has advised that all Photo Center account information, address books and photos will be transferred to Shutterfly.

In addition, and were shut also down on Jan. 27.

Costco said that if members had photos stored with Costco, they can transfer those images to Shutterfly.