City of Phoenix Offers Up to $3,000 in Incentive Pay to Certified Aquatics Staff

​​The Phoenix Parks and Recreation Department is offering up to $3,000 in incentive pay for certified aquatics staff. The department needs to hire pool managers, assistant managers and hundreds of lifeguards ahead of the 2024 pool season to safely open as many of the City’s 29 public pools as possible.

Eligible certified managers will receive a total $3,000 in incentive pay, while eligible certified assistant managers and lifeguards will receive a total of $2,000. Those staff will receive $500 on the first paycheck, and the remaining incentive as a one-time payment at the end of the 2024 pool season.

To receive the pay, a person must become certified as a lifeguard, work the entire summer, work a minimum of three days in August and finish in good standing. The department is also offering a $250 employee referral payment.

Lifeguard interviews will be held Saturday, March 16, 2024.

Returning for the second year, the department is offering a new ‘Shallow Water Lifeguard’ position. Shallow-water lifeguards will guard four feet of water and under.

“Though it’s colder now, we’re already gearing up for the opening of the City’s pools next summer – and that means getting a head start on hiring lifeguards,” said Mayor Gallego. “Having qualified and enthusiastic lifeguards on duty at our pools is critical to a successful and safe summer season for our residents. Please consider joining Team Phoenix!”

“Providing a safe, accessible and affordable community pool to our residents during the summer is a top priority,” said Councilwoman Betty Guardado. “This increase in pay is an investment in the future of Phoenix and its citizens.”

The incentive pay reimburses individuals for the cost and time spent obtaining the lifeguard certification and compensates them for the skill sets needed to keep our community safe.  The increased hourly rates per position, are listed below:

  • Pool Managers: $23.74/hour or $26.18/hour
  • Assistant Pool Managers: $21.54/hour
  • Swim Lesson Instructor: $19.54/hour
  • Lifeguards: $17.72/hour
  • Shallow Water Lifeguard: $16.88/hour

Get certified now​ so you are ready to interview March 16, 2024! Certification classes have already begun and are available for registration at multiple locations through March. Lifeguards must complete the necessary training during the scheduled class times.

Benefits of being a certified lifeguard:

  1. $2,000 incentive pay
  2. $17.72 an hour base pay
  3. Learn lifesaving skills
  4. Work in your neighborhood
  5. Keep your community safe and be a role model for kids
  6. Looks great on a college application or resume, demonstrates teamwork, responsibility, and leadership skills
  7. Meet other dedicated people
  8. Flexible summer shifts, ideal for students
  9. Have fun!

StarGuard Training for lifeguard certification is required to become a lifeguard with the City of Phoenix. Those interested in becoming a lifeguard should register for a certification class right away. Applicants must be at least 15-years-old.