Image via Shaun Cardenas/Facebook

Casa Grande Family Searching For Their Missing 14-Year-Old Daughter

A Casa Grande family is desperately searching for their daughter who they feel is in great danger.

14-year-old Karleigh Cardenas has been missing for almost a week and her parents, Shaun and Joelle Cardenas are desperately seeking any lead to finding her safely.

Karleigh reportely ran away from her Casa Grande home with a boy she met online. Karleigh’s parents reported that the teen boy returned home, but Karleigh did not. Her parents are unsure of her whereabouts and feel that she should have called home by now.

Karleigh was last seen at the Popeyes on 59th and Northern Avenues in Phoenix and also at The Fringe Apartment Complex down the street.

The Casa Grande Police Department has opened an official investigation and have put Karleigh in the national database as a missing person or runaway.

The Cardenas feel their daughter’s behavior is out of character and they fear she is in danger.

The family is offering a $7,500 reward to get her home safely. If you have any information you are asked to contact Casa Grande Police.