Business Leaders Unite to Help Education Funding

Earlier this year a group of Arizona business leaders joined forces, determined to put a significant boost for education on the 2020 ballot. The group’s campaign seeks to strengthen Prop 301’s .6 cent tax. According to the group, this tax provides Arizona K-12 schools and universities with approximately $600 million. Prop 301’s tax, however, is set to expire in 2021.

To compensate for expiration of Prop 301’s funding, the group is proposing a 1.5 cent tax for the 2020 ballot. The group estimates that this tax will provide Arizona K-12 and universities with approximately $900 million in funding. According to the group, the bulk of the $900 million will go to the following:

  • $340 million for increasing teacher pay.
  • $240 million for making kindergarten a full-day grade.
  • $300 million for school capital funding that pays for things such as new textbooks and school buses.
  • $190 million to support Arizona’s three public universities