ASU’s President Ranks As Top Public University Earner

The Chronicle of Higher Education, a newspaper and website which details all things higher education related, recently named Arizona State University’s Michael Crow as a top earning public university president.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that Crow was among the few public university presidents whose salaries stood above 1 million. For the 2015-2016 school year, it was reported that he received over $1.5 million.

Other High Earning University Leaders
William McRaven (University of Texas), John Sharp (Texas A&M), Michael McRobbie (University of Indiana), and Kent Fuchs (University of Florida) we’re also named on the list, as top public university earners. The Chronicle of Higher Education’s top earners list included only male presidents in the top 10 entries.

Included in addition to a substantial base pay, Crows retention bonus and yearly bonus boosted his total income to over $1.5 million dollars. For two consecutive years, Crow’s name has been included in the small group of top paid leaders in academia.

Arizona State University’s Achievements Under Michael Crow
Crow has served as Arizona State University’s 16th president, since 2002. Under Crow’s leadership, the university has experienced many successes. The school’s virtual learning program has expanded drastically, to meet the needs of online students. While Crow has served as president, the school has also built a downtown Phoenix extended campus.

Michael Crow left the May 2017 graduates with some powerful words, advising them to “change the status quo”. He urged them to continue growing as they inch closer to their life goals.

The 61 year old Arizona State University president, plans to continue to bolster the university’s growth, while providing students with a lifelong education. As a former professor of technology policy and science himself, Crow is equipped with a unique perspective on how to oversee a university, and this has proven useful to him as ASU’s chief strategist.