Arizona Resident Accused of Encouraging Assault Resulting in Six Fatalities in Australia

An Arizona resident has been accused of writing online statements which officials believe prompted a “religiously-motivated terrorist act” in Australia that resulted in six fatalities.

Investigators have reported that on December 12th last year, a lethal ambush occurred at the home the Train family in the rural village of Wieambilla. During this incident, officers Rachel McCrow and Matthew Arnold of the Queensland State Police, as well as a bystander Alan Dare, were fatally shot by Gareth Train, his brother Nathaniel Train, and Nathaniel’s spouse Stacey Train.

Four police officers went to the scene to look into claims of a missing individual. When they entered the property, they were met with a barrage of gun shots. Fortunately, two of the officers managed to flee and call for help.

A six-hour siege ended with law enforcement fatally shooting three Trains, who have been labeled as conspiracy theorists.

Last week, FBI agents apprehended a 58-year-old man who resides near Heber Overgaard, in connection to this crime The Arizona man is being accused of instigating violence by means of comments written online in December, according to Queensland Police Assistant Commissioner Cheryl Scanlon and the FBI’s legal attache for Australia, Nitiana Mann, who both spoke at a news conference in Brisbane. The suspect’s name was not disclosed.

When brought before a court in Arizona on Tuesday, the suspect was refused bail. If he is found guilty, he could face a maximum of five years behind bars.

Scanlon declared that the Trains attackers had a religious purpose behind their terrorist act in Queensland, citing Christian radicalism as their motivation.

The FBI is still attempting to uncover the potential intention of the individual from the United States. Authorities in Queensland have traveled to Arizona in order to lend assistance to the investigation.

Scanlon reported that the attack had been carefully planned in advance and was directed at law enforcement personnel.

In May 2020, Gareth Train began tracking the suspect’s activity on YouTube and, by the next year, they had established direct communication.

Scanlon shared that the man kept sending messages with a Christian eschatological outlook to both Gareth and Stacey.

Mann declared that the FBI was dedicated to helping the Queensland Police Service in their investigation.

The FBI and QPS have been collaborating for a full year to bring the accused to justice, and they are committed to having him tried for the charges he is suspected of committing.