Arizona Coyotes Reportedly Informed Players The Team Is Moving To Utah

With recent speculation and reports that the Arizona Coyotes would be making a move on purchasing land near the North Phoenix/Scottsdale border to build their new stadium on, it appears those plans have now come to a halt.

According to a report from ESPN, the Arizona Coyotes players were notified on Friday that the team will be moving to Utah.

The sources claim the move could potentially happen in the 2024-2025 season.

After receiving news of the relocation, Utah’s governor Spencer Cox used social media to express his excitement in welcoming the team to Utah. However, the post has since been removed.

According to sources, the NHL have been collaborating on a potential agreement. However, as of Friday evening, ESPN reports that no agreement has been reached and there is still much progress to be made before a final deal can be confirmed.

Reportedly the NHL remains interested in bringing their team back to Arizona in the future. The deal includes allowing Meruelo to keep the team name and intellectual property, with the intention of potentially reviving the Coyotes franchise later on. The agreement is also expected to give Meruelo the opportunity to own a new NHL expansion team based in Phoenix, with an estimated cost of $1 billion, as long as he is able to construct an arena for the team within the next five years.

According to reports, Meruelo and his team plan to continue promoting youth hockey in Arizona while also actively pursuing the purchase of a 95-acre property in north Phoenix through an auction on June 27. The intended development on this land includes an arena, a practice facility, a theater, housing units, and retail spaces.

There are still numerous unresolved matters that Meruelo plans to promptly address in regards to the team’s future.

According to sources, the Delta Center must undergo a hockey-specific renovation in order for the team to permanently play there. This plan involves the team playing at the Delta Center, which is currently the home of the NBA’s Jazz.

Government assistance has already been secured. The Utah State Senate has approved a bill to provide funding for the revitalization of the downtown entertainment area, in preparation for the arrival of an NHL team. This bill has also received the endorsement of Utah Gov. Spencer Cox.