Area Code Changes Coming to the Valley in August

Starting August 12, those with 602 and 623 numbers will now be required to dial the full ten digits, including area code for every local phone call. Those who have phone numbers with 480 area codes, the requirement went through this last year.

Area code boundaries in the Valley are broken up into three specific area codes:
623 – west Valley
602 – central Phoenix area
480 – east Valley

The Arizona Corporation Commission moved to create a boundary elimination overlay of 480 area code due to the fact that they were beginning to run out of available numbers.

Is important to know that this change isn’t as simple as just making sure to dial the area code each time you place a call. Any equipment that requires a phone number should be reprogrammed. Equipment such as security systems, medical devices, office lines, speed dials, fax machines and internet dialup numbers. “

Don’t worry if the change will increase the cost to call. All calls between all local area codes are still considered local calls with no increase in cost.

Customers will have until September 12th for the complete change to be in effect.