An Increase In School Counselors Proposed By Gov. Ducey

At this week’s Arizona School Counselor’s Association conference, Gov. Doug Ducey announced that he wants to increase the number of counselors who work in Arizona schools.

Ducey’s plan would span two years and increase the budget for school social workers, as well as counselors. Currently, this would amount to $12 million dollars and 220 new counselors and social workers.

Over the next five years, the ratio of counselors to social workers would aim to be 500 students to one counselor.

There are also a couple of recent bills that would increase funding and support for counselors in schools. SB 1344 and HB 2652 were recently introduced in the Arizona legislature.

Attendees at the conference were excited by the increase in support for social workers and counselors in schools. They were hopeful that the legislature and the governor would work together to approve the proposed increase in funding for the state’s schools.

Along with the proposed changes in funding for counselors, teachers in Arizona are also getting a raise. In the next two years, teachers in the state will be paid 20 percent more than they are currently paid.

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