Agreement Reached in Suit Against Google for Monitoring Users in ‘Incognito Mode’

An agreement has been made to resolve a legal dispute concerning Google and their $5 billion fine due to claims that they tracked users’ online activity while they had their browser set to “incognito” or “private” mode.

A legal action brought to court in 2020 accused Google of deceiving its users by making them think their internet activity wouldn’t be tracked when using incognito mode. It was argued that Google’s ad technologies and other strategies still managed to keep a record of people’s website visits and activities even when they were utilizing so-called “private” browsing.

The plaintiffs argued that, even though users believed they had taken steps to safeguard their privacy, Google’s actions had still allowed them to accumulate a “vast and unmonitored” amount of data about those users.

On Thursday, an agreement was reached which needs the approval of a federal judge. The specifics of the agreement were not made public, but the lawsuit initially sought $5 billion in compensation for the users. The legal team representing the plaintiffs anticipate presenting the court with a finalized settlement on February 24.

No comment was given by Google in response to the settlement inquiry.