Zillow Enters Real Estate

Do you own a home in Phoenix? Do you wish to sell your house fast? With Zillow real estate online service, you’ll now sell and receive offers instantly within two business days.

The program is set to begin this spring, and the program will allow for homeowners to sell homes faster without considering value.

Orlando and Las Vegas were the first two cities to start this program in 2017. Phoenix will be the third to consolidate this program. Phoenix and Las Vegas are going to take in the program permanently.

According to statistics taken from the test program of Orlando and Phoenix it was noted most of the homeowners sold their home to agents. Zillow is making home selling in Phoenix possible by partnering with West USA which is a local brokerage.

It is easy to use the instant program since no listings are required and all you need is a photo of the home you intend to sell, and you’ll be asked questions which are going to be vetted by investors. Your home will have offers within a few days, and experts can help you by telling you what your house is worth.

This program might be seen as the best solution for homeowners to sell their homes faster but the essence of it is to make a profit for the agents or investors. The homeowners will not get the worth of their homes because the agent will buy your home at a lower price, repair the house, then sell it at a higher rate to the final buyers.

When you are in need of a quick sale, this program might be the best match as you will not have to wait for weeks or months to find a buyer. This program is not supported by many because most people don’t agree with Zillow in how they are taking advantage of people’s situation to benefit themselves.

Will Zillow succeed in its quest to grow the instant home selling program in the Phoenix area? Only time will tell if they will last with all the negativity and anti-Zillow campaigns that have already started on the internet.


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