You’ve Heard of Craigslist… But Have You Heard of Gregslist?

Many of us are familiar with Craigslist as a place to buy and sell things in your area. But not many of us are familiar with Gregslist.

If you have job experience within the technology industry, Gregslist is a website that is looking to pair job seekers with software companies who need to fill positions.

“People would find me and they’d say, ‘Who should I work for… where should I go… who do you know that’s hiring this kind of role,” explained Founder and CEO of Scaling Point Greg Head.

It was those constant requests for recommendations that pushed Head to create Gregslist to help connect people and jobs in the software engineering industry.

“Our goal is to get people back to work, get the tech companies back in business, and get back to normal,” Head said.

Gregslist was created a few years ago, but Head knows how important it is now more than ever.

“That’s what we’re doing is just making that available because it is hard to find,” Head said. “And most of the little software companies in Phoenix, 75% of them, have fewer than 50 employees. So, they’re hard to see. They don’t have their names on the building or the stadium, but they’re out there and some of them are doing quite well.”

While Head said there are definitely jobs available, the technology industry has not been immune to lay-offs.

So, he is trying to ensure people can keep doing their job – just for a different company who may have another focus, such as telemedicine, online education, etc.

“We’re fortunate in tech that you know parts of the industry are very active and hiring and kind of doing just fine under the new normal, working from home,” Head explained. “So, just matching them up and helping out is what we’re about.”

Click here to visit Gregslist.

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