Youth golf program expands to Phoenix area despite the game dropping in popularity

TGA Premier Golf is a franchise dedicated to introducing golf to youth aged 5-13, and teaching them the basics of the game. Now with 62 franchises established across the country it is a growing business. 

Burke Noonan is the man responsible for bringing it to Phoenix. After 25 year in the corporate world, he was burned out and wanted to start his own business. So, he decided to follow his passion for both golf and youth education, and found TGA. Now, he is his own franchisee, running his business and working to keep the sport he loves alive.

Although golf is faltering in popularity, it is far from dead. Efforts such as Burke Noonan’s TGA franchise in the Phoenix metro are keeping it alive and well among the youth. In Arizona, it has nearly twice the youth participation as any other state. Golf remains a 4 billion dollar industry there, and with a growing youth interest, its future is far from bleak.   

Other efforts are being made to revitalize golf nationwide as well. The United States Golf Association and the Royal and Ancient Golf Club have recently suggested 30 changes to the game in an effort to increase its popularity among viewers. These changes, if accepted may go into effect in 2019, generating more interest for the sport.

Even as golf falters nationwide, a new resurgence may be on its way as these measures are being put into place. In spite of the failing numbers, a sport which is growing among the youth, thanks in part to the efforts of such franchises as TGA Premier Golf and its franchisees such as Burke Noonan, may still have a hopeful future. 

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