You Can Now Receive Medical Care From Self-Serve Kiosks

Self-serve kiosks are everywhere, from grocery stores to restaurants, and now they can be used for medical care.

Some Safeway stores in the Valley are offering medical advice using artificial intelligence. These kiosks are located in the walk-in Akos Med Clinics at 10 stores in the area. The clinics don’t have doctors or nurses, only self-serve kiosks, which gather vitals and help determine a possible diagnosis.

“Our kiosks are packed with artificial intelligence, which will help guide the patient through the patient encounter while taking their vitals,” said Sean Walker, the director of operations for Akos Med Clinic.

The kiosk asks the patient questions to obtain their medical history, current medications, allergies, and symptoms. Patients then have the ability conduct self-examinations with a stethoscope, temporal thermometer, and blood pressure machine. There are cameras to examine their throat, ears, and nose.

“Once all their vitals are taken and the series of questions are over … one of our providers will come live on the screen and talk to the patient live as a virtual exam room,” Walker said.

While the kiosks generate several probable diagnosis, the diagnostic decision is provided by the providers, and there are medical assistants available to help.

“They can then walk right next door to the pharmacy to get the medication that was prescribed to them,” Walker said.

The diagnostic process take less than 25 minutes, and it costs $75 per visit without health insurance.

“The whole idea is to offer affordability and convenience for the patients,” Walker said.

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