Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed in Case of Murdered Tempe Children

Earlier this year, Yui Inoue was arrested in the murder of her two young children in Tempe.  The father of the children has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against his ex-wife, Inoue.

Tempe police responded to a horrific scene in the early morning hours of May 15, where they found the two children with significant injuries on their bodies. According to police documents, Inoue, the children’s mother, reported to the police that “she was hearing voices that were telling her to kill her children.” Police discovered a suitcase with blood on the outside and a meat cleaver inside a bag. The meat cleaver and various other articles of clothing had blood on them.

Inoue’s ex-husband has filed the wrongful death lawsuit, claiming Inoue is liable for the children’s deaths. In the lawsuit, the children’s father claims she had a duty to protect the children and failed by allegedly inflicting harm to the kids. “As a direct and proximate result of the negligent, careless, and/or unlawful acts of Defendant Yui Inoue, the minor children died,” read court documents.

The claim also details that because of her negligence, he has had to pay funeral and burial expenses for the two children and is likely to suffer from pain and emotional damage.

Inoue’s ex-husband is seeking to settle damages in regards to the funeral and burial expenses, special, general and punitive damages and other expenses the Court deems “just and proper.”

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