Woody’s Macayo Now Open

A Popular Mexican restaurant chain has reopened in midtown Phoenix and Macayo’s fans can once again enjoy their delicious cuisine.

The new restaurant is officially called Woody’s Macayo. The 5,000-square-foot restaurant honors the founder Woody Johnson, who is believed to be the inventor of the chimichanga.

“The design and concept of our new location is truly in honor of my dad and his dream and innovation. It was inspired by his original concept of our Central Macayo,” said Sharisse Johnson, daughter of Woody Johnson and Macayo’s CEO. “The goal was to create a space similar to the look and feel that Woody built in 1946 with a modern appeal.”

The restaurant is located at 3815 N. Central Avenue. The menu will feature the same Macayo’s recipes and menu items but with some new offerings from chef Brian Feirstein. The new meal items include salads, burgers, tortas, and a platos especiales section which allows diners to build and customize their own plates.

The Woody’s Macayo building was designed and built using refurbished and reused aspects and pieces from other Macayo’s restaurants.


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