Winter Storm Causes Northern Arizona School Cancellations and Road Closures

A fierce winter storm left nearly 20 inches of snow in northern Arizona on Sunday with Flagstaff getting between 12 and 18 inches of snowfall.

With continued snowfall through Tuesday night,  most Northern Arizona schools have made the cancelled classes due to the weather conditions.

ADOT has announced various road closures:

Road closures as of Tuesday morning:

  • State Route 89A northbound is closed at milepost 375 in Sedona.
  • State Route 64 is closed between mileposts 241 and 268 near the Grand Canyon.
  • The road to Mt. Lemmon has been closed to all drivers.

School closures and delays for Tuesday, January 17:

  • Northern Arizona University – Classes are canceled.
  • Flagstaff Unified School District – Schools are closed.
  • Williams Unified School District – Schools are closed.
  • Blue Ridge Unified School District – Schools are closed, resuming January 18, after a two-hour delay for snow removal and campus preparation.