Wildlife World Zoo Brings Visitors Closer their African Animals

As the Wildlife World Zoo Aquarium and Safari Park opened an eight-acre Safari Park expansion last month, the animals who were in the prominent spot were their three resident South African White Rhinoceroses. The expansion took the total park acreage up to approximately 25 acres. The new expansion consists fully of the Safari Park, and brings many African animals into the park for the visitors to see and learn about up close and personal.

A big feature of the new African Safari expansion is the new Rhino Facility, which is said to be state of the art. The Rhinos are just 3 of the new African animals brought in to inhabit the expansion. They were on display not only for their beauty, but because of the Park’s dedication to bring awareness to the plight of the Rhinos. In some cultures, within the Asian continent, the Rhinos horns are considered to be an aphrodisiac. The hunting of them for their horns has grown exponentially, with no less then three Rhinos being killed per day in South Africa. This has put the majestic animals onto the near threatened list.

Mickey Ollson is the original founder and current director of the park. He is hoping that by putting the Rhinos in such a prominent spot will help them to lead the way to being ambassadors for the Rhinos, and hopefully prevent the growing poaching that is steering the species towards extinction. He made a powerful statement on Facebook, making the park’s position clear – “It’s my hope that through education and awareness, we can work together in the fight for the Rhino’s survival – to guarantee a viable genetic population and ensure that no more rhino species go extinct. If the persecution of this species continues, we will likely see the rhino go extinct within our lifetime.”

The Rhinos are not the only new animals that debuted at the new expansion’s opening however. There were many new avian and hoofed animals that were brought into the Safari – from Hamadryas baboons and Striped Hyenas to Wreathed Hornbills and more. The park’s popular Safari Tram ride will now include the expansion, which will double the duration of the ride, and the park officials hope will also double customers enjoyment of their species. The Park was offering a discount via Facebook to celebrate the grand opening of the expansion.

The Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium and Safari Park has been open for 33 years and enjoys a rich and full history of conservation, education and interaction with these beautiful and exotic animals.


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