Why More People are Choosing Glasses Over Contacts

Are you debating whether to switch to contacts or stick with your glasses? It may surprise you to know that more people than ever before are investing in high-quality eyewear over contact lenses. When it comes to lifestyle, your vision, your budget and your personal style, it appears that eyewear always comes out on top.

Glasses have numerous benefits over contact lenses, and if you want to take care of your eyes and preserve your vision it’s important that you make the right visual choice for you and your eyes. So, with this in mind let’s take a look at why more people than ever before are choosing glasses over contact lenses.

Style options

Just a few decades ago, glasses were seen as a hindrance. They were oversized with thick lenses, and style options and shapes were incredibly limited. Fast forward to today, and the popularity of glasses has grown enormously. Glasses aren’t just to help correct your vision, they’re a fashion statement, an extension of your personality and they help you express your personal style.

Head online and you’ll find an amazing range of glasses made from all kinds of materials, like these Mens wooden framed glasses, acetate styles, plastic frames, metal and even carbon fibre options. All available in a range of designer or budget options, as well as specific colours and frame shapes. With all these options, it’s clear to see why individuals are choosing to express themselves with eyewear that is specific to them and their unique look.

They’re cheaper

With contact lenses, you’ll have to pay a monthly or annual cost to have the lenses created, as well as the additional costs of eye solution and storage pots, eye tests and even contact lens checks every few months. This cost can quickly add up, which can price out many individuals. With glasses, you can be much more flexible with your budget, whether you want to splurge on a one-time purchase of designer frames, or you want something stylish that matches your budget, glasses are the perfect choice for those who want to save money and look great.

Less maintenance

With glasses, you simply put them on and go. While they may need a little cleaning now and again, and we often run the risk of misplacing them, when it comes to maintenance, they outshine contact lenses in every way. Contact lenses require you to wash your hands every time you touch your eyes, they must be cleaned and stored carefully, not forgetting the risk of losing them, the discomfort, and carrying around spare lenses, eye solution and storage pots “just in case”. This kind of high maintenance isn’t for everyone.

Fewer risks

When you wear contact lenses, you have to touch your eyes in order to place and remove your lenses every single time. Touching your eyes leaves you susceptible to all kinds of bacteria and eye infections, something which you don’t have to worry about as much with traditional eyewear.

Final thoughts…

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