West Valley City Is The First To Provide Smart 9-1-1 Services

Technology advancement has made it possible for Peoria police department to begin using the smart 9-1-1 program. The old version 9-1-1 cannot tell where you are calling from, but with the advanced version of 9-1-1, it is possible to know where the caller is calling from.

A presentation done on April 3 by Anjenette Reimer the manager at Peoria police department telecommunication and chief of police Roy Minter explained further how the system works. The advanced program will enhance how the rescue is done.

For this program to be active and serve its purpose to an individual, signing up for the program and giving out crucial information is necessary. A person is at liberty to give out little or more information about themselves and their family. With all the information given to the smart service, the response team will be able to help and act faster when an individual ever calls 9-1-1.

An example is that one of a panicked mother whose child got burnt, and she called 9-1-1, but she forgot to tell the response team who arrived about her child’s allergy. Good enough she had given the information while signing up for the smart 9-1-1 which aided the team on how to handle the child.

The information you give is like your family members name and pictures, any medical conditions in the family present, any disabilities, how many rooms are in the house you are occupying and the location of where you live. For those who are interested in the program can visit http://www.smart911.com/  for guidance.

Over 32 million people have registered for the smart service which is fast, free and convenient. In West Valley, Peoria is the first to offer this service. Rescuing missions have been slow in the past but now you can rest assured of faster response, and many lives will be saved in the long run.


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