“West Coast” Of Arizona Named The No. 1 Most Affordable City In The State

Bullhead City, or how it’s more commonly known to Arizonians, the ‘West Coast’ has been named the most affordable city in Arizona by the 2019 Cost of Living Index.

Bullhead City compares to Southern California with its beaches and golf courses, but for a much less expensive price tag.

“Bullhead City consistently, of the cities that are surveyed, has always been the low-cost leader in Arizona and we pride ourselves on that, and it’s especially important for people who are thinking about relocating and retiring and, obviously, the dollar is important in retirement,” said longtime Mayor Tom Brady.

This is not the first time that the ‘West Coast’ has received this namesake. The new Cost of Living Index shows that Bullhead City ranks below the state and national averages overall and in six categories, including housing.

The COLI has been published by a nonprofit since 1968. Data is analyzed from the prices of more than 60 goods and services in 255 cities. There are seven categories surveyed including food, housing, utilities, transportation, health care, miscellaneous goods and services, and an overall composite index.

Bullhead City’s overall COLI is almost nine percent lower than the national average at 91.1 percent. The city has steadily grown for the past five years. Many families from California are moving from the West Coast to the ‘West Coast’.

There is also a lot of new economic development taking place. A new Holiday Inn, a new bridge, a new sporting facility and a riverside park are all becoming a part of Bullhead City’s culture.

“Bullhead City is open for business and Arizona is open for business,” said the mayor. “We believe we will continue to see that kind of growth as more and more companies leave California with its high taxes and high costs of living. They’re all coming to our doorstep now. We have plenty of land for development and we have plenty of land for more residential and retail.”

Click here for more information on the Cost of Living Index.

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