Vote for Luxury Condominium Pushed Back Until March 20

The fate of the luxury condominium proposed to be built at the Phoenix Country Club parking lot still hangs in the balance after two hours of debate before the Phoenix City Council.

Sunbelt Holdings Inc., which is based in Scottsdale, will build the luxury high-rise if it is approved. Despite the building being labeled as a luxury complex, many neighbors are complaining that its height may cause the area to be not as aesthetically pleasing.

On February 20, Laura Pastor, a representative of District 4, decided to make a motion for continuance rather than put the proposal up for a vote. The council will look at the issue again on March 20. The council wanted to have time to speak with people on both sides of issue.

A zoning attorney for the proposed building, Larry Lazarus, spoke with country club board members to assure they would fine with a continuance. All board members agreed.

“We want to make it clear that we hope this is the consensus of the entire Council — that this is going to be something that will be beneficial for not only Mr. Graham but the community,” said Lazarus.

While Pastor told Lazarus the proposed height was an issue they had to discuss, Lazarus wouldn’t budge on the building’s size.

“If there’s an expectation that we are going to be going down to four stories under 100 feet for another apartment complex, the club is not interested in doing that. If this is where it’s going and we’re going to have another month playing around with this, I would rather you just vote on this tonight,” he said.

Audience members, mostly those who disapproved of the structure, pushed for a vote that night.

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