Video: Phoenix Mercury’s Brittney Griner Arrested in Russia with Vape Cartridges

News broke over the weekend that Phoenix Mercury star Brittney Griner was arrested in Russia in February after Russian Federal Customs Service found with vaping cartridges in her luggage.

The vape cartridges in her carry-on luggage had cannabis oil reports said.

Video has been released from the Russian Federal Customs Service shows Griner getting her bag searched at the airport in Russia.

A report from The New York Times states Griner was taken into custody and a criminal case has been opened into the large-scale transportation of drugs. This charge can mean a sentence of up to 10 years behind bars in Russia.

Traveling through an airport with cannabis is illegal in the United States.  Those who travel with cannabis can be charged with trafficking the drugs or transportation of the drugs across state line.

Griner’s arrest couldn’t have come at a worst time as Russians continue to attack Ukraine. Experts are saying the war may make getting Grier back to the states difficult.

Statements regarding Griner’s arrest

The U.S. Department of State says it is “aware of reports of a U.S. citizen arrested in Moscow” and “(stands) ready to provide all appropriate consular services.” On Saturday, The Department of State issued a travel advisory Saturday saying, “U.S. citizens residing or traveling in Russia should depart immediately.”

It was not clear whether Griner is still under Russian custody and no information has been released on her current whereabouts.

The Mercury say their main concern is “her safe return home” and released the following statement: “We are aware of and are closely monitoring the situation with Brittney Griner in Russia. We remain in constant contact with her family, her representation, the WNBA and NBA,” the Mercury said in a statement Saturday morning. “We love and support Brittney and at this time our main concern is her safety, physical and mental health, and her safe return home.”

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