VIDEO: How To Properly Remove Gloves

Video Source From: TheApprenticeCorp


Do you know how to remove disposable gloves safely? It is a simple task, one might think, but if you are not careful, the process can leave you with cross contamination and exposure to the germs you are working hard to protect yourself from. It is very important to know how to remove gloves correctly.

To protect yourself from contamination, watch the video to learn the proper steps in glove removal.  You can also follow step by step instructions provided by the CDC by visiting this link

Do’s and Don’ts

  • DON’T touch environmental surfaces – example: door handles, phone, keys, a keyboard, a computer mouse – with contaminated gloves
  • DON’T touch your face or adjust PPE with contaminated gloves
  • DON’T remove one glove, and then pull the other glove off by the fingertips
  • DON’T reuse disposable gloves once they have been removed
  • DO safely remove excess liquid beforehand
  • DO change gloves when heavily soiled or if torn
  • DO dispose of used gloves appropriately
  • DO cleanse hands after removal of gloves



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