Valley Homeowner Gets Fake Package Notice

Do you like shopping online? Jae Harron, a Valley homeowner loves the convenience of shopping online. Having the packages delivered directly to her door instead of having to leave the house and carry it to the car is something she does often.  It’s not rare to find brown boxes of various sizes in front of her door. For this reason, when a notice appeared on her door saying “Sorry We Missed You,” she assumed it had to do with something she had ordered online.

As it turns out, that was not the case. When Harron called the phone number on the notice, that claimed it was a second attempt of delivery, she had the feeling that something wasn’t right. The person who answered the phone immediately started asking for personal details like her phone number and date of birth. When Harron refused to divulge the personal information, the woman who was questioning her accused Harron of being rude, became irate, and hung up on her.

Concerned that she was being scammed, Harron shared her story with a local Arizona news segment that investigates fraud and other business scams.  One look at the back of the fake package notice, and they decided to look into the story. It said, “any contact information you provide through calling the number listed on the front of this card may be used by Valley Delivery…for marketing.”

When the investigators attempted to reach out and learn more information about the so-called delivery service, they were told someone would call them back. Not surprisingly, they never got a call back from Valley Delivery.

Further research into Valley Delivery revealed that it is connected to Nu Home Services, a business that was told by the Better Business Bureau that they needed to modify their “misleading advertising practices.”

Herron hopes that sharing her experience with Valley Delivery will serve as a reminder to others to protect themselves. She warns that if there’s an unexpected package notice on your door, there just may not really be a package and reminds us all not to give out personal information over the phone unless you are confident that the questions warrant a true need for such personal information to be divulged.


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