Uptown Phoenix Residents Not Happy

Many people may think that the new business moving in down the street from their home would make a wonderful addition. While restaurants, bars, and other businesses in uptown Phoenix are booming due to the beautiful Arizona weather, leaving some neighboring residents noticing more than just a problem with limited parking.

Businesses with outdoor seating and activities that patrons can enjoy certainly ensure a wonderful time. However, neighbors to these businesses are finding life near these establishments can be a trying experience. Parking for example is incredibly limited in these locations forcing patrons to look to parking in neighborhoods as an option. Other matters include disorderly conduct from patrons towards the neighbors living nearby. A good example of this can be seen from the patrons of The Yard who shout cat-calls to the neighborhood teen girls when they venture into their own backyards.

While there are many pros and cons to bringing new businesses into an area that is largely residential, a few of the concerns that neighbors to these establishments face include noise, lack of available parking for residents, and even harassment from patrons. These issues could easily be fixed by expanding parking for the establishments, closing outdoor activities in the evenings, and limiting drinks for patrons who decide to enjoy alcoholic drinks.

The uptown area of Phoenix is a bustling and growing place with many businesses revitalizing older buildings for various needs including restaurants, bars, shops, and service providers. However, once those businesses go in, you never truly know what these businesses will attract such as the noise and parking issues found around The Yard. The uptown area of Phoenix offers many opportunities to both businesses and residents, but when the two clash it can be difficult to work through the problems without one or the other moving.

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