Upcoming November Elections: Here’s What You Need to Know

Nov. 5 elections are fast approaching, as crazy as it may seem. Two Valley cities, dozens of local school districts and one sanitary district have measures on the ballot.

All elections are vote by mail. Maricopa County began sending out over 2 million ballots last week. Everyone eligible will receive a mail ballot whether or not they are on a permanent early-voter list.

Ballots must be returned in the mail by Oct. 30. They can also be dropped off in person at voting centers by 7 p.m., when polls close on Election Day.

Here’s what you need to know about each election:


Scottsdale residents will vote whether or not to approve the issuance of $319 million in bonds for multiple city projects.

Projects include: adding a splash pad at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, renovating hiking trails at Pinnacle Peak Park, replacing the public address system at WestWorld and making other improvements to roads, sidewalks and computer equipment.


Glendale residents will decide whether or not to increase salaries for the mayor and members of City Council. A “yes” vote on Proposition 424 would raise council members’ salaries from $34,000 to $52,685 and the mayor’s salary from $48,000 to $68,490. A “no” vote would keep the salaries as they are.

Residents will also decide whether or not to move the dates of primary elections to be in line with the rest of Arizona. A “yes” vote on Proposition 425 would change the dates, while a “no” vote would have the city continue to hold primary elections on the eighth Tuesday before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Fountain Hills:

Fountain Hills voters will choose three of five members for the city’s Sanitary District Board of Directors. Each director is elected to a four-year term. The other two members will be up for election in 2021.

The candidates include Jerry Butler, Michael Maroon, Bob Thomson and Bob Shelstrom.

School Districts:

More than two dozen school districts will vote to approve bond measures. For a detailed list of school districts participating, click here.

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