U.S. News & World Report Publishes Best Vacation Destinations

Pack your bags because the U.S. News & World Report has released a list of the best places to visit on vacation. The U.S. News & World Reports publishes many other travel-related reports, like: Best Hotels, Best Cruise Lines, and Best Travel Rewards Programs.

The report includes 30 places around the world for you to put on your list of potential getaways. Of course, the city of Paris takes the first spot, and the report credits the city’s high ranking to its cultural attractions and character. A pristine spot in the Midwest comes in at number two; the beautiful Yellowstone National Park is the place to be for wildlife and beautiful mountain views. The city of Rome lands as the third place to be. Phuket, Barcelona, and the British Virgin Islands also make the list.

The United States has its hot spots also, and the Best Places to Visit in the USA are definitely for the outdoor enthusiast. After Yellowstone National Park, comes Maui, Hawaii, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite. If you’re not wanting to explore the great outdoors, New York City comes in at number five.

Not only does the list include big cities and popular resort destinations, but it also details the Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA. Topping the list are Telluride, Colorado and Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you’re wanting to hit the powder, these two towns are for you, as they are both noted for their wonderful ski slopes. Steamboat Springs, Colorado is number three, and it offers more outdoor thrills, including: geothermal hot springs, fishing, kayaking, and skiing.

If you’re wondering how these lists were curated a travel editor from U.S. shared what they look for when ranking cities:

“We’ve examined destinations for all types of travelers looking for an ideal getaway. Whether it’s an aspirational, once-in-a-lifetime trip across the world, or a more relaxed, close-to-home vacation, the U.S. News Best Vacations list has it covered.”

The editors examined 700 destinations by using the opinions of travelers. The destinations are then scored in 10 categories, including: sights, culture and food, nightlife, adventure, and romance. By taking these categories into consideration, the editors hope to provide a clear and concise evaluation for you to use when planning your next getaway.

World’s Best Places to Visit 

1. Paris
2. Yellowstone
3. Rome
4. Tahiti
5. London

Best Places to Visit in the USA

1. Yellowstone
2. Maui
3. Grand Canyon
4. Yosemite
5. New York City

Best Places to Visit in the Caribbean                        

1. British Virgin Islands
2. St. Lucia
3. U.S. Virgin Islands
4. Turks & Caicos
5. St. Vincent & The Grenadines

Best Small Towns to Visit in the USA

1. Telluride
2. Jackson Hole
3. Steamboat Springs
4. Sedona
5. Lake Tahoe


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