Thousands More Voters Register In Arizona Since November General Election

In only a couple of months, the amount of Arizona citizens registered to vote has seen a significant rise.

Since November’s general election, 66,000 more people have registered to vote. Overall, there are 3.8 million people registered as active voters in the state of Arizona, according to Secretary State Katie Hobbs.

Most of these registered voters are registered as Republicans. This group includes 1.3 million people. The next biggest group is the 1.2 million registered independent voters. Another 1.1 million people are registered as Democrats. A much smaller group is voters registered as Libertarians, with more than 30,000 people registered. Another smaller group is the 6,600 people registered as Green Party voters.

Along with the 3.8 million active voters registered in Arizona, there are also a half million inactive voters. While an inactive voter can still vote, they may have questions about the information with which they registered to vote. This also means that every individual labeled as an inactive voter cannot receive election-related mail.

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