Third Thursdays in the Melrose District Set to Expand

Hoping to build upon the popularity of past versions, organizers of ‘Third Thursdays’ are planning on turning the evening shopping event into a monthly fixture along 7th Avenue.

With the majority of the action happening south of Highland Avenue, the list of businesses participating is an impressive one that should appeal to a wide variety of people.

Melrose Pharmacy, Wag-n-Wash, Frockify, Hub Patio, Sweet Salvage, Twigs & Twine, Rebel Salon & Vintage, C-Mod, RestoFab, and more will be extending their hours into the evening—with many of the businesses offering one-night-only specials and discounts.

Perhaps the highlight of all the growth made by the Third Thursday event is the inclusion of food trucks (provided by Best in Show Events) moving forward. Even better, the combo music/food truck venture from KJZZ and Shortleash Hotdogs will be on the premises as well to double the difficulty of your delicious dining decision.

While the complementary cuisine is a satisfying addition, the focus of the event remains spotlighting the beauty of the Melrose community and celebrating the people within it—while bringing them together. In order to facilitate this, the popular Midnight on Melrose has decided to combine their event with Third Thursdays. That means that Kharma Life Center, Melrose Manor, The Worx Salon, and Modern on Melrose (all located at 700 W. Campbell Ave) will remain open until 8 PM as well.

Third Thursday, as well as its organizers and participants, are focused on building upon the potential for cross-promotion and community growth while making Melrose a destination attributing their popularity to the Third Thursday event.

The entire occasion is family-friendly, and molded slightly in the image of the First Fridays events held in downtown Phoenix. Citing the area of Melrose as exceedingly appealing and inviting, supporters of the event are confident that the Thursday outings can continue to grow and provide something both invaluable and inspiring to the community.

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