Things To Do in Tucson, Arizona

Located a hundred and eighteen miles from the U.S.-Mexico Border, the city of Tucson is well known among Arizonians for its hip vibe and mix of Hispanic and Native American culture. Nicknamed the Old Pueblo for its vibrant history, the city offers a variety of activities, from museums and national parks to dinning and nightlife.

Sonoran Desert Museum
Rated as one of TripAdvisor’s Top 10 Museums nationwide, this foundation is unique in its set up and attractions. Established in 1952, the 98-acre museum features a wide array of exhibits, including a botanical garden, 230 different animal species, a regional mineral collection, and two miles of walking paths. Among the animal exhibits are a reptile house, an aviary, mountain lions, and bobcats. With the intent of fostering love and appreciation for the natural world within the community, the museum showcases numerous activities. These features include a man-made underground cave and the seasonal Raptor Free Flight, where visitors have the opportunity to view birds of prey as they hunt.

Saguaro National Park
As one of Tucson’s more peculiar attractions, Saguaro National Park is home of the Saguaro cactus, a plant that has become synonymous with images of the Southwest. Despite its popular depiction in movies and television, Saguaro cacti are actually fairly rare and grow only in certain regions. Visitors to the national park have a chance to get up close and personal with these enormous plants, along with six other types of cacti, including prickly pear. Park guests can go hiking on numerous trails, volunteer to prevent wildfires by pulling buffalo grass, or participate in a guided tour. 

Mount Lemon
Visitors and locals alike looking to get away from the Arizona heat will find refuge in the curvy slopes of Mount Lemon. With a total elevation of 9,157 feet, this particular mountain features a variety of lush vegetation, and seasonal access to snow, unavailable elsewhere in Tucson.  The mountain is peppered with unique shops, activities, and dinning experiences all the way up. Among the most famous of these venues are Ski Valley, the Mt. Lemon Cookie Cabin, and Mt. Lemon SkyCenter Observatory. Cabins and vacation homes are also available for leasing year round. 

Arizona Inn
Both a historical site and fully functioning resort, the Arizona Inn provides luxury accommodation and fine dinning to Tucson tourists. Founded in 1930, the hotel has a history of lodging famous guests such as Katharine Hepburn, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra, and Cary Grant. Today, the inn, located near the heart of Tucson, is comprised on 92 rooms and 14 acres of gardens and landscaping. What’s more, guests can use the city streetcar, located a few blocks from the hotel, to visit nearby attractions like Fourth Avenue, Main Gate Square, and Mercado San Agustin.

Fourth Avenue
Known for its shopping, nightlife, and noteworthy dinning experiences, this street can provide tourists with a real taste of Tucson culture. Fourth Avenue is home to numerous events throughout the year, such as the Spring and Winter Street fairs, book signings, readings, and concerts. Some of the most notable shops and restaurants include Antigone Books, Creations, Hippie Gypsy, Caruso’s, Common Grounds Espresso Company, and Lindy’s on 4th

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