Things To Do in Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is one of the many places in Red Rocky Country that really makes you appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors. There is something here for everybody – from shoppers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, those seeking arts and culture, and history buffs.

1. Jeep Tours
Jeeps were made for these sorts of environments. Taking a jeep tour will bring you to scenes that will inspire you. The blue sky and deep red rocks will make you feel like you are exploring Mars, but the good news is you don’t have to even leave the United States for this experience. The pure grandness of Red Rocky Country on four wheels in open air is something every American should experience at least once.

2. Red Rock State Park and Slide Rock State Park
People come from all over the country in the summertime to go down the waterslide at the appropriately named Slide Rock State Park. The smooth, red-sandstone of the water slide will carry you right into the cool water of the swimming hole below.

3. Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art
The Exposures International Gallery of Fine Art is one of the most unique art galleries out there. It has a reputation of being a national trendsetter. The art gallery gives you a family-owned business feeling that exudes the sophistication of a world-class art gallery. This place is definitely worth checking out.

4. Air Tour
Experience the beauty and awe of Sedona a couple hundred feet above ground. Fly over to see the Grand Canyon, the Skywalk, Lake Powell and Monument Valley. One of these air tours is sure to leave you speechless.

5. Kachina House
The Kachina House showcases Pueblo and Navajo artifacts, pottery, and Native American jewelry. The exceptional variety and collection of rare pieces adorn a 5,000 square foot showroom. The history here is so rich and authentic.

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