evt-foster Angela Teachout, Susan Woodruff and Anika Robinson. Kimberly Carrillo

The Women Behind Jacob’s Law Opening Center For Foster Kids

The face of Jacob’s laws, Susan Woodruff’s son, suffered abuse before he joined her family. He’s developed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other mental issues because of his experiences.

Jacob couldn’t get help for his mental issues for 10 months. According to Woodruff, the foster care system, is so overwhelmed that there are long waiting lists filled with red tape. Anika Robinson and Angela Teachout, who are also Arizona foster parents, have experienced the same thing.

The three foster parents helped create Jacob’s law, which was designed to help foster children receive care within 30 days. They also formed the organization ASA Now.

“After Anika, Susan, and Angela because we get things done now. But, it’s actually Advocate, Support, and Assist,” says Teachout.

They are currently attempting to move their work from the capital to Jacob’s Mission Community Center. They want the center to be a place for foster families to come together.

They’re also hosting a fundraiser, the “Inspirational Fundraiser Breakfast.” The widow of John McCain, Cindy McCain, will be one of the speakers. The money raised will be placed toward the center.

“I think it’s breathtaking to see something that you dream of creating for other vulnerable children just coming to fruition,” said Robinson.

At the center, they plan to have trauma counselors, homework help, a sensory room, music and dance lessons, and a full kitchen.

“You can see the set-up for restaurants or a cafe and be able to get a job,” said Robinson. They’ve received material donations for the center, but the costs of operating the center will be thousands of dollars a month.

“I can’t adopt the 20,000 children that are in Arizona right now needing homes… but, I can help… educate and advocate,” said Teachout.

The center is slated to open in the next few months if the fundraiser is successful. They’re hoping they can give even more foster children a place to call home.

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