The Phoenix Suns And The 2018 NBA Draft

The Phoenix Suns have the opportunity to make several great off-season picks, in the upcoming NBA draft. This year, there’s plenty of buzz surrounding a variety of foreign players, that the Phoenix Suns could choose. One of the advantages of drafting a foreign player, is that the team may decide to allow them to continue to develop, wherever they’re currently playing.

Draft And Stash

This is referred to as a “draft and stash” move. Although this unorthodox method of drafting is a path laden with uncertainty, there are several notable players who have been drafted in this manner, including Rudy Fernandez, Serge Ibaka, and Dario Saric.

This year, the Suns may make such a move, especially with their 59th pick. So far, there are around four standout players that the Phoenix Suns may have their sights set upon.

Potential Picks

One of these players is William McDowell-White, a 20 year old Australian known for his scoring ability. He has the capacity to be effective on both the offensive and defensive end, which is exactly what the Suns can use. He shoots at 81% from the free throw line, and is still young enough to develop the other important aspects of his game.

Laurynas Birutis is a Lithuanian center, with a bright future that could be with the Suns. Currently, he is filling up stat sheets with both points and rebounds. In his best nine games last season, he averaged around 20 points and 10 rebounds per game.

Goga Bitadze could also very easily be drafted by the Suns. He’s from Georgia, and at only 18 years old contributes with points, defense, rebounding and even blocks. Lastly, Isaac Bonga is a versatile 6’9 forward that could end up making it onto the Suns roster. His only downside is that he tends to stack up fouls quickly. But aside from that, he could help to develop the faster and more fluid style of play, that the Suns have been known for in the past.

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